Check out this awesome Cassoulet recipe from a fellow blogger! and Giveaway!

keely marie

This cassoulet was a great recipe to delve into traditional French cooking. It is also my recipe choice for this week’s Food Matter’s Project!

Cassoulet can be made into a week-long project like Julia Child’s recipe or you can choose to conquer this quicker version by Mark Bittman. It is more of a fall/winter dish {not so much April in Miami} as it is extremely hearty and filling, but Bittman makes it lighter by omitting the “cassoulet typical” pork rinds/goose fat and adding more veggies. We served it at a dinner party with our close friends last night and it was a hit!

*Don’t forget to read to the end of this post for information on my giveaway: 4 traditional Cassoulet bowls from Le Creuset!

Fun facts about Cassoulet:
  • The term cassoulet is derived from the name of the handmade cookware it is made in, called a cassole
  • The…

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