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Wiring and Bending

These are Bonsai training methods used to create striking forms for your miniature tree.  To accomplish a successful  Bonsai training, familiarize yourself with it, how it grows, why some branches grow in a certain direction and others do not, how do rocks, soil, wind, affect it’s growth?  Once you find your answers and have studied the trunk and decided and even more importantly visualized how you want your Bonsai to look, then approach it with tools, try to see your plant as you want it to look a year or several years from now before you start transforming it.  Ask yourself if you want it to have exposed roots, grow out of a rock; do you want it upright, cascaded or slanted? Is the planting to be a single tree or several?

Remember, once a branch is cut, there’s no replacing it.
These are some of the tools used for wiring, pruning, bending your Bonsai.
Wiring material

I highly recommend reading books on the subject, talk to other Bonsai enthusiasts, use photographs as a source of inspiration.